Top Reasons to Visit Kidz Choice Dental for Teeth Extractions

  • Teeth extractions, whether due to disease or orthodontic needs, can be a frightening experience for kids, but not at Kidz Choice Dental
  • We provide parents with complete instructions on how to care for your child after teeth extractions
  • At Kidz Choice Dental we strive to provide a fun and educational dental environment for kids

childrens tooth extractions

Important Information about Teeth Extractions

While having a tooth extracted may not sound like a procedure you’d want your child to go through, it’s important to remember that often tooth extraction isn’t as bad as it may sound. This is particularly true for a baby tooth with stubborn roots that’s almost ready to come out on its own, for example. We want to make the experience as close to anxiety‐free as possible for your child. Remember that we specialize in working with young people, so we understand better than most practices how to make their visits to our office as pleasant and comfortable as we can.

Reasons Why Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction

Adult teeth and children’s teeth are much different. When it comes to adult teeth, keeping your natural teeth is almost always preferable, unless there’s simply no way to avoid it. But when it comes to kids’ teeth, it’s a different situation. There are several different reasons why one of our dentists may recommend tooth extractions for your child:

  • A baby tooth won’t fall out because the roots of the tooth are keeping it from doing so
  • A tooth is so severely decayed that it puts their permanent teeth or overall health at risk
  • Orthodontic treatment requires that one or more teeth be extracted

Whatever the reason may be, you can rest assured that our dental professionals will do everything possible to make your child as comfortable as they can be before, during, and after a tooth extraction. We know that having positive experiences at the dentist from a very young age can mean that your child grows up not afraid or hesitant to go to the dentist, and that can lead to a lifetime of good oral health!

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