Why You Should Pick Kidz Choice Dental for Your Child’s Fillings

  • We offer a variety of different filling materials
  • Our qualified, experienced dentists will recommend the best type of filling material for your child
  • We can usually schedule appointments for fillings to be done right away, since it’s important to take care of cavities as quickly as possible

What You Should Know about Fillings

Most of us are familiar with fillings. Dental fillings are used to fill in the vacant space in a tooth left after a dentist removes decay from the tooth. While it’s true that cavities can form at any age, they’re particularly common in children. Once decay sets in, it can spread quickly, so it’s important to have your child’s cavities filled as soon as possible. Fortunately, decay can be easily spotted by a dentist or assistant during a regular dental exam.

Types of Fillings Available for Your Child

Although most of us are very well acquainted with dental fillings and the procedure involved in getting a filling, you may not know that there are different types of fillings, as well as various kinds of filling material.

kids dental fillings

Generally speaking, there are two types of fillings: direct and indirect. A direct filling is most common and involves only one visit to our office. But sometimes, when a tooth is too severely damaged for a regular filling but not a good candidate for a crown, an indirect filling is the best choice. Because this type of filling needs to be created at a dental lab outside of our office, an indirect filling will require two trips to our dental office.

At Kidz Choice Dental, we offer a variety of filling materials from which to choose. These include porcelain and a combination of ceramic and plastic materials. The type of material that will be best for your child will depend on the size and location of the affected tooth, but cost may be a consideration as well. Our dentists at Kidz Choice Dental can provide more information and recommend which dental material would be best for your child.

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Most people can’t spot tooth decay on their own. That’s why it’s so important to take your child in for regular exams, where decay can be identified and an appointment for a filling can be made for your child. For more information about fillings, or to schedule an appointment at our Conway, AR, office, contact us today.