Why You Should Take Your Kids to Kidz Choice Dental for Regular Exams & Cleanings

  • Taking your kids in for regular exams & cleanings is a vital part of helping them to establish a good oral health routine that they can follow throughout their lives
  • Our team does everything possible to make your child feel comfortable and at ease during their regular exam and cleaning appointments
  • If your child needs an x‐ray, we know how to accomplish it in the easiest way possible – with “gag‐free” x‐rays!

Why Regular Exams & Cleanings Are So Important

Most parents know how important it is to teach your kids about good oral hygiene and make sure that they brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. But the truth is that no matter how hard you or your kids try to fight off cavities, you’ll never be able to do so successfully without bringing your kids into
the dentist for regular exams & cleanings.
kids dental exams

The reason is that plaque and tartar build up quickly, and even the most diligent parent can’t prevent that from happening or effectively remove that plaque and tartar once it has built up. For that, you need the help of a Kidz Choice Dental team member, who can use the specially designed tools that can keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy.

But there’s another reason to bring in your little ones for regular exams & cleanings: It’s important that your kids feel comfortable coming to the dentist. If they don’t, or if they have a bad experience at another dentist office where people don’t specialize in children’s dentistry, the effects of that experience can last a lifetime. Starting them off with the right dentist – like those on staff at Kidz Choice Dental – means that they’ll be at ease and comfortable with going to the dentist, so they’ll continue to do so throughout their lifetimes.

What to Expect During Regular Exams & Cleanings

Typically, your child will experience the following during a dental exam and professional cleaning:

  • One of our dentists and/or team members will examine your child’s gums for any signs of gum disease
  • One of our dentists will assess the condition of existing dental restorations, such as dental fillings
  • Our team members will take a full set of x‐rays when necessary, using digital “gag‐free” x‐ray technology
  • Your child’s teeth will be cleaned by a dental professional who specializes in children’s dentistry

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