5 Great Dental Apps Your Kids Will Love

kid playing

Kids love their technology but they may not love to brush their teeth all that much. Well now you can combine the two to help educate them on the benefits of good oral health and routine dental visits by turning dental hygiene into a game. These apps are available to play with on smartphones or tablets and they can all be a powerful ally in getting your children to understand the importance of proper dental health.

1. Tiny Dentist

This app is an excellent way to introduce younger kids to visiting the dentist for a check-up. It’s an interactive app that allows the player to provide treatment to characters on the touchscreen, giving kids the opportunity to perform many of the procedures that they will face in the dentist chair. They can give the characters anything from a regular teeth cleaning to an extraction as well as fillings and dental implants. It’s a great way to ease your child into receiving these treatments.

2. Brusheez – The Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer

It can be tough to get kids to brush much less brush for the duration necessary to get the job done right. Many dentists suggest putting your child on a timer to help them understand the length it takes to brush effectively. This app makes timing their brushing fun by focusing on each tooth with cute characters they can customize any way they wish.

3. Virtual Dentist

This app is designed for use by children older than those who may enjoy the Tiny Dentist app as the two are similar in many ways. This is another option for putting the user in the position of providing treatment to a virtual character, but what makes this app worth the money is that it even incorporates things like braces and orthodontics so users can see what they look like wearing the appliances associated with such treatments. That’s because you can upload a photo of yourself into the app and perform all of the available treatments on your own mouth for simulated before and after results.

4. Chomper Chums

Kids love animals and this app lets your child select one and name it. Once they make their choice, the app gives the user the responsibility of looking after the animal’s oral health. That means brushing its teeth for a certain amount of time and getting rewarded for accomplishing the task. The child must also decide what the animal eats to maintain good dental health. It’s a good way to teach them that they need to be doing the same for themselves.

5. Yuck Mouth

Older kids will enjoy the gross-out qualities of this app, giving them the ability to clean out the icky gunk and grime inside Yuck Mouth. The more they clean out, the further they can get in the game and each level provides new educational lessons about maintaining good oral health. Giving your kids a chance to see what kind of gross bacteria is in their mouths will make them more likely to want to get it out of there with good brushing habits.