Dental Sealants

dental sealantdental sealant
Even in this day and age, there are still around 4 million kids with cavities. In spite of our best efforts to encourage brushing, flossing, and the addition of fluoride to water, cavities are still found in many children before the age of five years old.

Why Are Cavities Still A Problem?

Cavities and decay are caused by bacteria in the mouth that create destructive acids when combined sugar from what we eat and drink. Some of the blame for the continuing battle against cavities can be contributed to increased amounts of sugars in processed snacks and sweet drinks. Diet alone, though, is not the only reason, as the bacteria that leads to decay is passed to children from others in the family. It isn’t always enough to just brush and floss on a regular basis especially since kids have trouble cleaning their own teeth adequately especially those hard to reach back molars. When checkups and brushing don’t seem to be enough to prevent cavities, a dental sealant can keep teeth from being exposed to the decay causing acids.

Understanding Sealants

Your dentist can apply a clear protective sealant on your child’s teeth to keep acids from building up plaque on teeth. Back molars especially can be tricky to brush because they have hard to reach ridges. A sealant helps create an easier to brush smoother surface. The applied sealant helps keep food and sugar out of these ridged crevices.

Kidz Choice dental uses sealants made from a plastic material that is extremely safe and easy to apply. After a regular checkup and cleaning an adhesive substance is applied and then the sealant itself. Sometimes the application will require a special light to harden the sealant on teeth to create a protective coating. Usually a sealant is used on permanent teeth to prevent damage but if a child is more prone to cavities it can be used on primary teeth to keep cavities at bay.

Once the sealant has been applied it is still important to keep up with a regular brushing and flossing routine. A fluoride based toothpaste and mouth rinse will help keep tooth enamel strong and prevent plaque buildup. Sealants are a perfect way to add extra protection to your child’s teeth as they establish a healthy dental hygiene routine. Be sure to schedule regular checkups even after a sealant has been applied for a healthy cavity free smile.

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