Why It’s Important to Establish a Good Dental Health Routine Early


As adults, we’re well aware of the value of good oral health. At the very least, it keeps our smiles bright and attractive. Of course, the more important advantage is that proper oral hygiene helps to prevent cavities and other unfortunate oral health problems.

Once you enter the realm of parenthood, you also have to concern yourself with your children’s oral health. Your child’s dentist can help you to determine when and how to start brushing, but you’ll be largely responsible for carrying out these tasks at home, as well as teaching kids how to brush, floss, rinse, and practice good oral health habits for life when they’re old enough.

Why is this so important? Here’s what your children stand to gain when you help them to establish a good dental health routine early in life.

Instill Lifelong Habits

When children fail to adopt healthy habits like regular brushing, flossing, rinsing, and trips to the dentist for additional care, their bad habits can continue into adulthood. If, on the other hand, parents emphasize the importance of an appropriate oral health routine from an early age and help kids to understand the benefits, it’s much more likely that children will develop lifelong habits that protect and promote good oral health.

Prevent Oral Health Issues

When parents teach children good dental health habits and instill a regular routine, they can avoid common issues like tartar and plaque buildup, cavities, and more serious problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth loss. Continued adherence to these habits throughout adulthood will help to preserve natural teeth well into old age.

Preserve Overall Health

A healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body in more ways than one. When children learn to eat in a healthy way, both their oral and overall health benefit in the process. However, proper oral care can also be a precursor to general health.

Studies have linked oral health problems with serious health issues like diabetes and heart disease (although causal effect has yet to be established). In addition, however, situations like abscesses in teeth or the jaw can lead to infection spreading throughout the body and resulting in serious harm. Even a cavity can be detrimental to healthy eating and oral care habits.

The point is that maintaining a good dental health routine throughout life can do more than just preserve a beautiful and healthy smile. It can also contribute to a long and healthy life.