How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy on Vacation


Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean good dental hygiene is taking a holiday. It’s just as important to practice good eating and brushing habits, even though that can be difficult to do when you’re on the go. Whether it’s a visit to the amusement park or a family road trip to Grandma’s house, there are plenty of ways to maintain good oral health up until you get back home.

Healthy Snacking Alternatives

Tourist attractions are filled with sugary sodas and sweets that can do more harm to teeth than you may think. So to help your family avoid the temptations of those over-saturated and overpriced items at the snack bar, bring along healthier options like fruit, cheese, raisins, yogurt, and other items that are going to be much easier on your child’s teeth. Make sure you pack enough to keep everyone in the family on the straight and narrow, as your kids aren’t going to be too happy seeing you consume those tooth-damaging snacks if they can’t enjoy them either.

Portable Dental Kit

Maintaining good brushing habits isn’t always easy. Depending on where you end up on your vacation, you may have a tough time finding the supplies you need to keep your child’s teeth clean. So packing a portable dental kit is a smart solution to making sure you have everything they need to brush regularly. A good portable dental kit should have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, even a small bottle of water and some sugar-free gum or candy in case they want to enjoy a little sweets along the way. This is particularly beneficial if you and your family are camping for the weekend and you’re secluded from civilization.

Drink Plenty of Water

Children should drink a lot of water when they travel because it can help to rinse out the mouth by neutralizing potentially harmful acids that can occur after eating sweets and foods that are high in acids. Water also keeps the mouth moist, which can prevent dry mouth and bad breath. Pick up a few bottles at the convenience store or supermarket or bring along a refillable option that can be filled at any water fountain or sink along the way. Be careful boarding an airplane with bottles of water as they come with restrictions as to how much can be brought aboard and rules state that bottles must be sealed.