kidz choice dental, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, childrens dentist, conway, fort smith, arkansasWe love to help our patients feel all the more confident in their smiles! At Kidz Choice Dental, we make going to the dentist fun as we entertain our kids with TV’s over all of our operating chairs, awesome staff members, and beautiful offices.

Regular Exams & Cleanings

These visits every six months are when we check for issues like cavities or tooth decay, looking at the teeth and gums for any sign of disease. We remove tartar and plaque while doing a full cleaning and the whole thing usually takes less than an hour.


We use crowns to shape and strengthen teeth that are broken or worn. Porcelain crowns are most common, but metal crowns can be used too. Every single one of our crowns is specially made to perfectly fit each of our patients.


If a baby tooth has roots that are keeping it from falling out, or if the decay of a tooth is a risk to the other teeth around it, we may suggest its removal. It’s also possible for orthodontic work or wisdom teeth to create a need for extraction. When these things occur, the tooth may be removed during your regular checkup or a separate visit.


Fillings can be gold, porcelain, or a combination of ceramic and plastic, giving us the ability to match the natural appearance of your teeth. Direct fillings can be done during one visit and indirect fillings usually require two appointments.

Fluoride Treatment

Preventing cavities, decay and plaque, fluoride is a quick and easy treatment. However, your child may need to wait until 30 minutes after, before they can rinse, eat, or drink. How often a patient receives fluoride is on a case-by-case basis.

kidz choice dental, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, childrens dentist, conway, fort smith, arkansasRoot Canals

With a cracked tooth or a deep cavity, bacteria can damage the tissue, causing an infection. As a result, pain and swelling can occur. This can hurt your child’s jaw and their overall health, making a root canal necessary. Over the course of a few visits, we can remove the tissue, then clean and seal the tooth before filling it. The procedure may also include a crown and with good oral care the tooth can stay fixed permanently.


For extra protection against decay and cavities, sealants can be used to solve problems with plaque, helping brushing to become easier and more effective. Sealants are usually reserved for permanent teeth and they can hold up for several years.

Repair of Broken Teeth

Fixing a damaged tooth really comes down to just how broken it is. Everything from crowns to root canals can be a possibility. But whatever your individual situation may be, we have procedures that can solve problems both big and small.


Offering the best care for your kids we provide orthodontic care in both our Fort Smith and Conway office.  Make a consultation appointment today and see if you are a candidate for traditional braces or Invisalign (Conway office only).

Gag-Free X-Rays

Through new technology, we are able to discover cavities and other issues better than ever before. Our digital x-rays are completely safe and we only suggest them if we have a reason, so it probably won’t be something that you do every visit.


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