Root canals can be difficult procedures for kids, but we make it as comfortable as possible for our young patients. Our dentists, Dr. Buchman and Dr. Lee have years of experience in performing root canals on young patients. Kidz Choice Dental specializes in pediatric dentistry at our Fort Smith location and offers a variety of entertainment, which can be helpful for root canal procedures and keeps your child distracted as they relax with a movie during the procedure.


kidz choice dental, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, childrens dentist, conway, fort smith, arkansasWhat to Know about Root Canals

Your child may require a root canal when tooth decay begins to affect the nerve of a tooth, causing an infection. This happens on occasion with a cracked tooth or a deep cavity. Typically, the child will experience pain and swelling in the surrounding gum tissue, indicating the presence of an infection. Left untreated, this condition is not only painful for the child, but it can actually impact your child’s systemic health. Fortunately, a root canal can usually remedy the situation.
The procedure involves removing the infected area, which is the pulp inside of the tooth. Afterward, the area is cleaned, filled, and then sealed. In some cases, a crown may be necessary to restore the tooth to its fully functional condition.


Symptoms of Root Canals

Although it’s possible that your child might need a root canal and experience no symptoms whatsoever, there are usually indications that a root canal is needed.

Symptoms may include the following:

  • Your child experiences a severe toothache
  • Your child develops an abscess or infected area on the gums, which typically resembles a pimple
  • Your child develops a sensitivity to cold and hot foods and beverages
  • Your child’s gums become swollen and tender
  • You notice a change in color of your child’s tooth
  • Your child has experienced dental trauma in the past
If you notice signs of an infection in your child’s mouth, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with one of our offices right away. When you call our office, tell us what symptoms your child is experiencing. Our front office staff will make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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