It’s Time for the Back to School Checkup


back to school
The time is quickly approaching when back-to-school flyers and ads, supply lists, and tax free weekends will be upon us. The back-to-school check lists include shopping for clothes, school supplies, lunch boxes, picking out favorite snacks, physicals, and immunizations. Don’t forget to add a dental checkup to that to do list. Scheduling checkups before the kids head back to class can help prevent absences for office visits and be a great reminder to stock up on necessities like toothbrushes and floss.
Most dentists recommend scheduling visits every 6 months, and by getting the kids to the dentist now before school starts, the timing is perfect for the next visit during winter break cutting down on school absences.

What to Expect

During your child’s checkup, the dentist will check for cavities, possible bite problems, and orthodontic issues like the possibility that braces are needed. At your visit x-rays will be taken and correct flossing and brushing routines will be encouraged. Your child’s back-to-school exam is a perfect kick off to reestablishing dental hygiene routines every morning and each night before bed. If a fluoride swish or rinse program is not offered at your child’s school, your dentist may recommend buying a mouth rinse made specifically for kids that contains fluoride. Kidz Choice Dental is happy to provide a fluoride treatment at each 6 month office visit to help protect teeth and prevent cavities.

School Supplies!

Use this time of year to stock up on new toothbrushes when you are buying school supplies. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months and so you could use the end of school terms like each quarter as a way to remind you to replace your child’s toothbrush. If your child participates in sports, be sure to ask about a protective mouthguard at your office visit. Mouthguards protect teeth and gums from injury during sports practices and competitions. Mouthguards that are customized and fitted to your child’s mouth work better to prevent injury during such as football or basketball.

During your office visit, your dentist can help you encourage kids to pick low sugar snacks and lunch essentials when shopping for food to take to school. String cheese, nuts, boiled eggs, lean meats, and crunchy fruits and vegetables are all great selections for lunch boxes and after school snacks. Encouraging these healthy dental habits and snacks along with great new clothes and supplies will start the new school year off with style and a healthy smile.

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